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Saints and Sippers

Our mission is to reach the world with the saving grace of Jesus Christ and to inspire the good in people. 

Saints & Sippers Coffee Shop and Coffee Club.

About Us

My husband Brett and I founded Saints and Sippers in the fall of 2021. As true lovers of coffee and travel, we endeavor to create a life that embodies everything we hold dear - personal freedom, motorcycle culture and a love for God.


We love to be on the road, meeting new people and creating great memories. We want to be there for anyone in need of prayer, encouragement or just a friendly conversation over a great cup of coffee. 

Over the years, we've attended several motorcycle events and rallies and found no shortage of alcohol, but a severe lack of quality coffee. We knew that this was the vehicle that would allow us to achieve our goal and spread the good news of the hope that is found in Christ Jesus.

Giving Back

An issue that my husband and I are very passionate about is human trafficking. This  evil enterprise is too often disregarded by the media and society as a whole. Saints and Sippers has partnered with O.U.R. Rescue in the fight to end human trafficking. O.U.R. Rescue currently supports operation and aftercare efforts in 28 countries and 48 U.S. States. A portion of our proceeds will aid in the fight and the rehabilitation of those who have been trafficked and enslaved across the world.

- Trisha Snider, Owner

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