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The Roast Post

I've always considered myself a huge fan of coffee. I've been drinking it since I was a kid (sneaking sips from my Grandude's coveted cup), I've written papers and given presentations on its origins and I don't think there's a moment of the day when I don't have a cup in my hand (or at least near by). Honestly, my day scarcely begins without it, so it's safe to say I thought I knew a lot. Boy, was I wrong. Haha.

When we first began to tell folks we were starting a coffee company we were bombarded with questions, some of which I struggled to answer. This section will be me passing along what I've learned on my coffee journey starting with the 4 (Major) Types of Roasts.

When you're shopping for coffee, it can easily become overwhelming. To start, there are several types of beans and even more types of roasts, and although the bean itself certainly matters, most of the flavor and aroma that brings all that sensory delight we associate with coffee, comes from the roasting process. How and how long the bean is roasted can affect the color, body, acidity and flavor of your beans.

  1. Light Roast

A light roast, such as our Damascus Road, is 'light'-ly roa