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Trish's Holiday Gift Guide

If you're struggling to come up with new ideas for this Christmas season, I got your back! Here are a few out-of-the-box gift ideas for everyone on your list:


Whether it's your husband, boyfriend, dad or brother, these are sure to put a smile on his face:

  1. A new jacket (leather is always nice)

  2. Boots or sneakers

  3. Gloves and a hat (bonus points if they're gloves for riding in the cooler weather)

  4. T-shirt/flannel (His favorite coffee company has a few great ones ;)

  5. Manscaping kit or toiletry bag

  6. Tools! (pay attention for those he doesn't already have)

  7. Personalized gift (like a mug, thermos, whiskey or beer glass) I know a great engraver with super fast turnaround times!

  8. A new wallet

  9. Jewelry (this is making a comeback for guys y'all)

  10. Techie stuff (drones, tablets, laptop, GoPro, bluetooth speaker, Tile, AirPods, comms for his helmet, etc)

Bonus Idea: If you listen carefully or share the same hobbies -- truck, bike and car parts would really make him flip. But don't just guess!! These are super specific, specialized parts so if you're not 100% sure, a gift card is a great option as well.


If you have a wife, girlfriend, mama or sister to shop for, this section is for you:

  1. Spa/Salon gift card -- you can NEVER go wrong with this. We love and need to take time for ourselves, so listen carefully and choose a gift card to her favorite hair or nail salon, and/or a reputable spa nearby.)

  2. Jewelry. (Duh!)

  3. That new handbag she's been eyeing. Bonus points for the matching wallet! (I gotchu ladies ;)

  4. A memorable event (ie. a vacation or staycation, special night out like a sunset cruise or cooking class) These are extra special when shared with you, so if applicable make sure you get tickets/reservations for you both!

  5. Personalized gift (like a mug, cutting/charcuterie board, tumbler or wine glass) Personalized jewelry is always a hit as well. I know a great engraver with super fast turnaround times!

  6. New boots, shoes or sneakers

  7. A new fancy coat...don't go practical here guys. Needs are not gifts (unless it's to accompany an event from #4!) Thank me later.

  8. A watch

  9. A luggage set

  10. Candles, wax warmers, soft throw blankets, a new robe, you know...cozy stuff

Bonus Idea: Books and journals make awesome gifts too! I have tons of amazing books and journals/devotionals I can recommend. Comment below if you'd like a list of some of those.)


These can be especially challenging gifts to buy and we all usually reach for the same old tried and true like a bottle of wine or whatever it was Clark Griswold bought for his boss (and we all know how that one turned out.) Here's a few other ideas that are sure to please:

  1. Coffee subscription! How awesome would it be to send your boss a bag of our delicious, premium coffee each month?!! You can send it to their home or office and you'll be on their mind every time it arrives.

  2. A personalized gift (no, I don't mean like "#1 Boss" although that's still kinda funny in an ironic sorta way.) Something that means something to you both or an inside joke on a desk sign would be ideal.

  3. A gift card for them to do something relaxing or that they enjoy. This shows you listen and appreciate the demanding nature of their position.

Stocking Stuffers-

  1. Scratch offs (hey, you never know)

  2. Nail polish (girls)

  3. Soap/toiletries

  4. Gift cards (mani/pedi, gas, coffee, etc.)

  5. Candy/gum

  6. Socks

  7. Travel Size cologne/perfume

  8. Multitool or paracord bracelet

  9. Battery charger for small electronics

  10. Hand lotions

I hope some of these ideas help and I'll add to these lists as I come up with more. I could use some new ideas also, so drop a comment below of some great gifts you've given or would like to receive. No idea is too small or too big! Merry Christmas and Happy Hunting!

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