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What's with all the weird Mother's Day "Opt-out" emails this year??

I don't know about you, but I've received at least a dozen messages from various companies asking if I'd rather not receive Mother's Day emails from them this year....*record scratch*...what the??

Don't get me wrong. I am aware that many people have lost their mamas or maybe didn't have the best relationship with their mom, or stepmom growing up, or perhaps have lost a child or is having difficulty conceiving and this time of year can bring up some painful stuff, but is glazing over it or pretending it doesn't exist actually heal the pain?

Mother's Day is a special day to remember, acknowledge and appreciate all of the incredible mothers (both blood and chosen) out there doing the most to take care of us, teach us and protect us, and even if your mother wasn't the best (or maybe wasn't even there) she still endured so much to bring you into the world and that's worth celebrating! Motherhood is an all-consuming, incredibly challenging (yet rewarding) role that too often goes unrecognized or under appreciated and I don't think talking about it 1 day out of our 365 is too much to ask.

Additionally, motherhood is uniquely experienced and performed ONLY by women --- real biological women --- and despite culture's best efforts, we will not and CANNOT be diminished or replaced.

If I seem agitated by this, I am. You'd have to be living under a rock to not have at least noticed the all out assault on women the last year or so and the insanity of some biological men growing out their hair, putting on a pink blouse and claiming they're a woman and thus have a right to enter our safe spaces (such as locker rooms, rest rooms and spas), to compete against us in sports, and now to pretend they menstruate or can have a child. What's worse is that if you don't agree or acquiesce the world will try to bully and cancel you relentlessly. Enough is enough. These people need prayer and deliverance, support by sharing the truth in love not feeding into or celebrating their confusion and delusion. Showing people love is by offering healing and restoration through the Prince of Peace, the Truth, the Creator God who does not make mistakes, who knew them from their mother's womb and crafted them fearfully and wonderfully. He loves them relentlessly and so do we. Enough to stand boldly for the truth in their lives as well as all of ours.

*Phew* Ok. Now, that I got that off my chest, what are you all doing for Mother's Day? Do you have any fun traditions? A unique gift idea? Moms, what would be your idea of the best Mother's Day gift?

Also, if your heart is hurting this time of the year, please reach out to me. You can vent to me, pray with me, ask me anything. I love hearing from you! May the God of all hope be with you and comfort you as you walk with and rely on Him.

- Trisha

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